Woman Self-defense with Master Stanislav Bagalev, Bulgaria on WomenTech Network 2021


Master Bagalev make a LIVE video for Woman Self-defense on WomenTech Network 2021

This is the The Largest Conference for Women in TechMore than 100 000 woman participating, 180 countries, more than 500 speakers.

​​​​​​The virtual conference brings women in tech, minorities and allies from all over the world together through an interactive platform featuring live ceremonies, keynotes, engaging panels, breakout rooms, country & chapter leader sessions, technical workshops, and networking with face-to-face sessions. https://www.womentech.net/speaker/WingTsun%20/Self-defense%20for%20women/61735

 Here is the VIDEO link:

VIDEO Woman self-defense with Master Stanislav Bagalev, Bulgaria

 00:00-00:52 Presenting Master Stanislav Bagalev with more over 35 years of martial arts experience and Vencislava Yordanova magister of physiotherapy, training WingTsun, self-defense and other sports.

00:53-01:33 Presenting European WingTsun Organization with over 1 500 schools in Europe and more than 50 years of experience, teaching WingTsun, self-defense for kids, teen, woman and man, working with Police and special forces.

01:34-03:12   Difference between Martial Arts, Sports and Self-Defense.

03:12-04:48  Self-defense  

04:48-05:12   How to train? How to react? What we can do and what we can’t do?

05:12-07:18 Proper position of the body, body alignment – head, legs and pelvis.

07:18-09:42   Basics of leg position, balancing up and down, forward and back, left, right and the center.

09:42-11:39 Weigh distribution concepts – 50%-50% Center, 80%-20% back, turning, Stability and Mobility, 70%-30% forward.

11:39-12:36 Arms position, shoulder position and the palm.

12:36-12:58   Correct punching position

12:58-13:34   Chain connection of the Power – Arms, Shoulders, Body, Pelvis, Legs, Ground

13:34-14:18 (3) Distances – Close, Middle, Long; Shielding the body with the arms

14:18-15:25 Position for the Self-defense and Fight; Palm strike; Rotation

15:25-15:47 Fist strike; Rotation

15:47-16:47 Close distance, cover with arms the head, punch with the fists

16:47-17:40 Close distance, cover the head with arms, strike with the palms

17:40-19:18 Distances in life and Distance in the fight

19:18-20:00 Run if you can, don’t fight, Run out of the problem is saving your life

20:00-20:40 Fear – Freezing

20:40-21:45 Keep the distance far from the opponent

21:45-23:30 How to react in a long Distance? Leg attack – front and back leg.

23:30-25:02 Train your Kick – front and back

25:03-26:20 How to Kick the moving opponent

26:20-27:34 Kick in the groins

27:34-28:39   Middle distance Short Kicks

28:39-30:50   Close distance kicks: knee.

30:51-31:51 Combination, front Kick and palm strike or punch; back kick and punch or palm; front knee and palm, back knee and palm or punch.

32:12-33:33 Awareness in Self-Defense  

33:34-34:19   Use your voice and scream STOP

34:20-35:57 If somebody holds your front arm

35:57-36:37 If somebody holds your two arms down

36:38-37:40 If somebody holds your two arms up

37:50-38:28 Middle distance holding the arms at the elbow

38:28-40:15 3 Dimensions and time, how to use the free road; Open and Close; Be like water.

40:16-41:44 Close distance, avoid the grapping the head and the neck

41:45-42:22   Against grapping the head and the neck

42:46-43:17   Holding the hair

43:17-44:20  When you are on the ground; positioning on the ground with legs and arms
44:21-44:45  use your front and back feet to stop the attacker.

44:46-45:44   How to go out of the ground situation

45:45-47:58 Summary

47:59-48:21 Thank you!