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„София Ърбън зона спорт“ 2021 е част от „София – европейска столица на спорта” и в продължение на 4 дни организираният празник превръща сърцето на града в център с многообразни активности.

Българската Ушу Федерация бе поканена да участва и майстор Станислав Багалев откри с демонстрация с Ян Тай Чи – форми и приложения.

ВингЧун бе за завършване на общата демонстрация с техники срещу ритници, удари с ръце, лакти, земя, тояга и нож,

Great Seminar with Grandmaster Oliver Koenig 9. Level WT and Master Stanislav Bagalev 6. MG WT in the Plovdiv WingTsun academy May 2021.


Grandmaster Oliver Koenig 9. Level WT and Master Stanislav Bagalev 6. MG WT WingTsun Long pole at Starosel #wingtsun #ewto #ewtobulgaria #longpole #bulgaria #video Grandmaster Oliver Koenig 9. Level WT Master Stanislav Bagalev 6. MG WT Original music Aleksander Kochev Video Ogniyan Dimitrov April 2021     Starosel (Bulgarian: Старосел) is known for the abundance of ancient Neolithic and Thracian sites, with some finds dating as far back as the 5th-6th millennium BC. Evidence from 20th-century excavations reveals that the village burgeoned into an important and wealthy Thracian city in the 5th century BC. Among its main features are the underground temple, the largest of its kind in the Balkan Peninsula, built under the Chetinyova Mogila (tumulus) and a mausoleum. The temple, as well as the nearby Thracia


Drone video from Bulgaria mountain and Buzludza monument whit Grandmaster Oliver Koenig 9. Level, Master Stanislav Bagalev 6. Master level, sifu Marin Maznev 3. HG and Maksim Iliev 2.HG. Siunimtau, Cham Kiu, Long Pole and Knife form movements on the pic on the mountain.     Original music Aleksander Kochev video Ogniyan Dimitrov 10.05.2021   #wingtsun #ewto #ewtobulgaria #siunimtau #chamkiu #biutze #longpole #bartcamdao #bulgaria #video